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Manufacturing industry across the Midlands – and indeed beyond – can now gain from increased casting impregnation capacity from specialist subcontractor Midland Impregnations Ltd (MIL).  The company, based in Lye near Stourbridge, has added a large capacity ‘Top-Load’ system to complement the smaller ‘Front-Load’ impregnation facility that was introduced earlier in the year.  This latest development, says the company, is based on the success of the original facility and centres on a greater ability to handle far larger components in higher volume.

“The Top-Load concept is well-established in the impregnation field but we have taken this one step further by installing a facility that offers key advantages in terms of both operational and environmental performance,” says Chris Arrowsmith, Director at MIL.  “The investment is intended to offer impregnation capability which to date, we understand, the engineering and manufacturing sector has found difficult to dual source in the Midlands area.  The installation, which uses internationally approved impregnation sealants, offers high levels of sealing performance and cleanliness in a process designed to avoid component damage.”

The fully sealed vacuum and pressure impregnation chamber receives baskets suspended and lowered from an overhead transporter crane.  A three-tank rinsing and curing process then ensures component loads exit the line in optimised, sealed condition.

“Each basket can accommodate loads up to one tonne in weight,” adds Chris Arrowsmith.  “Significantly, the process can also handle components in both an ‘as cast’ condition and machined condition, and is suitable for impregnating ferrous and non-ferrous castings.”

The latest installation at MIL builds on the organisation’s role as a source of high quality impregnation – the company can now achieve excellent sealing results almost irrespective of component size and configuration.

“Our original focus on smaller loads was centred on the latest high speed front load technology,” continues Chris Arrowsmith.  “While this continues to process complex machined castings, typically from the automotive sector, the new Top-Load line broadens our overall service.  The new facility means we can now provide an impregnation service to all casting manufacturers and users regardless of size and volume.”

 The broader capability now offered by Midland Impregnations is further enhanced by its role as sister company to Midland Deburr and Finish which is well-established in the region’s manufacturing sector.  Because this provides a deburring and degreasing capability, using fully enclosed solvent systems with ultrasonics, there is a greater symmetry between the range of subcontracting services now available from the same source.  “We also have the ability to clean and dry components ahead of the impregnation service to ensure quality is maximised,” continues Chris Arrowsmith who says that customers also benefit from a fast turnaround service – within 24 hours in many cases and even on a ‘while you wait’ basis.

“We believe this combination of broad capability, proven technology and continued investment brings a key subcontracting capability to manufacturers and engineers across industry and signals our continuing confidence and belief in the services we are now able to offer,” concludes Chris Arrowsmith.