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New impregnation facility offers key gains for precision casting manufacturers


The introduction of the latest advanced casting impregnation technology into the UK market – now operational and addressing key issues associated with traditional methods – is already generating significant interest from UK manufacturers, particularly precision foundries, machinists and OEM’s reliant on pressure tight castings.

Midland Impregnations Ltd (MIL), sister company of well-established Midland Deburr and Finish (MDF), now offers a brand new subcontracting service at its West Midlands premises using a cutting-edge system from American manufacturer, Godfrey & Wing Inc. MIL managing director, Chris Arrowsmith said: “The new ‘HVLV’ system is centred on a self-contained three-station layout with front loading and unloading of components undertaken by just one operator from a single position.

“The unit delivers both dry vacuum and over-pressure impregnation operations – which have been shown to optimise impregnation integrity and quality – alongside integrated component washing to produce sealed and perfectly clean parts.”

This is all within an installation that requires just 25 per cent of the floor space of more traditional facilities, which typically could also require gantry, catwalk, hoist and recessed equipment pit.

Director Paul Young is particularly keen to emphasise the benefits of subcontracting this type of work for smaller companies. “The costs of installing impregnation equipment may be prohibitive for some companies,” he told Foundry Trade Journal. “MIL can provide the advantages of this new technology to tier 1 and tier 2 customers using equipment that is proven by GM, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda and VW to completely seal the finest of leaks.”


“This is an important addition to our subcontracting capability,” Arrowsmith said. “Particularly for those customers who manufacture complex or high-precision machined castings that need to be pressure tight. The system’s ability to address the impregnation and cleaning needs of even very complex parts is consistently proven.”

Importantly, the move also enhances the company’s well-regarded deburring and finishing capability at MDF – including the latest, fully enclosed solvent vapour degreasing equipment – enabling the market to gain from complementary, high quality services from a single source. The facility also reflects the company’s commitment to speed of turnaround, with a 24-hour service available in many cases.

MIL draws attention to the quality of the results that are achieved with the HVLV system. A single impregnation cycle produces guaranteed sealing of micro-porosity in excess of 99 per cent, while parts emerge from the process washed and without the risk of damage or resin contamination in threads. The significance of this latter point will be recognised as a key benefit to manufacturers of precision components who, with traditional equipment, may still have to re-tap threaded holes after impregnation.

“Fast turnaround, higher yields and the elimination of the need for re-working all translate into lower costs per piece for customers and underscore the suitability of our subcontracting service for casting manufacturers and engineers across a wide range of industry,” said Arrowsmith. System manufacturers Godfrey & Wing can highlight a number of recent international approvals secured, for example from major automotive manufacturers.

Approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, MIL say its customers are also assured of not only high quality but also environmental compliance.

Now fully established and operational at MIL’s Lye premises near Birmingham, the introduction of the HVLV system into the UK brings an advanced, highly effective solution to one of the key issues in the processing and engineering industry thus creating new opportunities for the market.

Arrowsmith is confident in the future of the technology: “The early take-up of the installation has also re-enforced our forward commitment beyond the provision of a service for precision component manufacturers with plans to add a system that can handle larger components to MIL’s capability now well advanced.”